Monday, 17 December 2012

The Mold Project

Installation by Fie Reffelt Jørgensen

implicit ---> explicit

Every day we are confronted with a constant flow of information. Sometimes literal information - such as signs - sometimes more natural or instinctive information - snow "tells us" to wear warm clothes. Both examples of information we are – in different ways –able to understand. But how do we react to information, which is hidden or unequivocal?

In the middle of the Museumplein in Amsterdam, on the grass, stands a small glasshouse. The house is transparent and at first glance it appears empty.
After a few days small structures start to appear inside the glasshouse. Different structures in various colours - blue, white and green – occur, as small spots in the house. Even though it is a slow process – the eye cannot perceive it – it seems like it is growing. As days go by the small structure turns bigger, more complex, and starts to create connections. It is hard to see what it actually is, that what is growing, but the connection is obviously being established, turning into a pattern. As the pattern grows, it becomes huge, powerful, and as an effect it transform the simple lighthouse into a greenhouse - both as an appearance, and as an actual happening: a growing organism: MOLD.
With the mold-project I aim to evoke an ambiguous feeling. On the one hand mold is something - when it appears in our houses - we want to get rid of, but in this situation it is actually appreciated as aesthetic and fascinating.

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