Monday, 17 December 2012


installation by Carolin Raber

implicit --> explicit

everyday physical surroundings

Do we know what happens next to us? Do we know how many trees are around our office or school? Do we know how many clouds are in the sky or how they are moving above us?

Our head is full of tasks and resposabilities. Our speed is fast. Our phones are never off and our contacts are all over the world. Many days are too big, too bright and too fast. We have lost the view for the normal daily bloom that we can find in our direct surrounding, directly next to us.

I want to bring this view back and I want to open people's eyes towards natural beauty of daily and simple objects. After a short break people will walk with different eyes through the world. Normal surrounding becomes special and fascinating again. Bring back a closer view with an Installation for a short lOOk!

Change your position, change your perspective. You will see but you don´t hear what you expect. A moving picture just from what is around you all the time, underlined by sound. A few minutes to relax and recreate.  A few minutes out of our daily, mostly hectically life.

Lay down, listen to the music and lOOk

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