Monday, 17 December 2012

Catcher in the time

An installation by: Jaan Vu

implicit ---> explicit

Time can be interpretated and understood in two different ways. As my example is Zuidas, this area is based on 'precious minutes' as the passengers almost all have in common; they have an important place to get to, and this important place is not particularly the Zuidas but their jobs or the train/bus they have to catch. My proposal for this area is a different type of time, the precious time of the lovely day we are actually living in but many people tend to forget. My installation is supposed to trigger people to see and understand this time and moment I'm proposing. We all like to stop and have a look at the clouds or catch a little bit of sun, my work is highlighting this short moment of relaxation.
The title is a little tribute to the great book Catcher in the Rye in which I also sense the twist of the young man's thinking about the world and at the same time the form is quite similar to a cage --> caught, trapped

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