Thursday, 13 December 2012


installation by Gintare Kerbelyte

implicit --> explicit
generation gap

We were the last generation of Lithuanians born in Soviet Union. Our childhood was different. We’ve played with nature, salt-shakers and peas. Our icons were ‘frozen in time’ from watching cartoons made in 60’s, 70’s. It took few years after Iron Wall collapsed when we were exposed to new culture, different attitude and media. It was something new. The calm and innocent characters that we knew have been slowly replaced by upbeat speedy western mainstream cartoons. We were introduced to Disney like the rest of the world. Cat Leopold used to end every episode by saying “Kids, let’s live friendly”. He wasn’t so exiting after Ninja Turtles and Ghost busters were introduced. Era of Kinder Surprises and Barbie has arrived.

With my installation I wanted to translate a contrast of two different life models that my generation of Lithuanians had an opportunity to experience. Which makes ‘us’ different from those who were born just few years latter.

One of our favorite childhood games was called ‘Secret’. The purpose of a game is to make a composition of something that is important to you (by that time it was candy wrapper, nice flower or leaf), cover it with glass, bury in the ground and mark with a stone or a branch. Then after few days you try to find your or your friends ‘secret’. The game disappeared with new wave of western culture and became a symbol and ‘body’ of my installation while content gives a glance of our childhood.

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