Monday, 17 December 2012


Installation by: Morag Mayer

implicit ---> explicit
laughter is an uncontrollable reflex

I see myself as someone who laughs a lot and that why I have chosen this subject.
In my research I have learned that laughter is one of the first communication skills mankind have developed, you can find laughter in every stage of the development since the beginning of man until this day, the Neanderthals for example have used laughter as a reflex for communicating with their fellow Neanderthals since they did not had a known language, it has bought a lighter feeling and trust between them.
Laughter is one of the basics skills we lean as babies like crying we express if we like or don’t like things by laughing or crying. Babies start to laugh at the age of 8 months.
I have chosen after my research to show how people are not able to control their laughter. By simply hearing laughter (not seeing) the limbic system (which is in the brain) will send singles to the body and we will react to it.
In my installation I want to create a space in the park where people will go to a tree and make it laugh, by just switching it on.
By doing that they will hear the laughter and will react on it, with the conscious idea that they are in the park it will stimulate the feeling of bizarreness and happiness.

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