Monday, 17 December 2012

Energy printing machine

installation by Sandy Bruns

implicit ---> explicit
playing = producing energy

My project deals with the issue of ‘Overweight children’. We as adults in society are really serious about this subject. But how do children deal with it?

Children are focused on the short term and have less attention for things that might happen on the long term. Even when they understand where overweight comes from, what it does and how you can solve it, they are not really interested, because children only think of the fun and happiness at the moment. That is why the word overweight is too serious for them. With this installation I aim to give overweight another meaning by showing children what kind of things you can do and achieve with your own energy.
The balance in the gym prints out information about our weight, muscles and the changes of our body. Just like the gym's balance, the energy printing machine gives an output of the activity, in this case an elastics game. While making the figures, the energy printing machine registers the power of you pulling the elastics wires. Also mistakes will be registered. The result offers you information regarding the length and the sorts of movements. With this tool children are able to control their energy and movements in a playful way.

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