Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Infospace and Documentaries at 'CLose up'

Hello everybody, I still own you some examples of infospace. Last thursday we had some real good and clear examples, but all made by artists. And I was wondering, do we make infospaces ourselfs without being aware of it? And I came to this example:
It gives us the information of how many people reached this summit, and from which country they are. And indeed it is a collection of loose flags, but together they are one subject.

My next example is from the artist Job Koelewijn. It is a sentence, but on the water made by sort of little fountains on the bodem of the 'river'. I had a doubt about this one, because somewhere it is information in 3D, but on the other side it are still words. What do you think?

In class I told you about a schoolproject. Three times a day I collected my shades in one particular round. The information these three rounds give me, I translateded it into a 3d object. But then on small scale. The information was how the sun turns and how that influence my shades. (Actually the photo's are too bad, that it isn't worth to put them on the blog)

Then at last, I would like you to see a documentary about Anish Kapoor. He explain his mirror works and why the color red is so important to him. I think his mirrorworks relates to our subject, because his aim is to informate people about that real life isn't what it looks like. His mirrors show us more than we see.
By the way, this program : 'Close-up' is very interesting. Every tuesdaynight (22.30u? at avro, NED2) an other subject : architecture, film, schilderkunst, beeldhouwkunst, photografie, design, and fashion.

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