Monday, 24 October 2011

individual feedback instead of class 27th

Dear all, Chances are low that we find a replacement day for the 27th class to suit us all. Therefor, I leave some time open and each of you can let me know here on this blog which day would be convenient for you.

Tuesday 25, after Henri's class from 16-17.30h Rietveld Academy or Museumplein
Friday 28, from 14-16h Museumplein

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  1. Hi Femke,
    I would like to join the class on friday at Museumplein!
    Thank you for offering more possibilities, see you on friday.

  2. hello,

    I just read the note.
    If it's possible i want to meet on friday.

    See u


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  4. Vrijdag 28 Oktober

    14.00 Gideon
    14.15 Gwen
    14.30 Tom
    14.45 Trimo

  5. Let goed op, de tijd is ietsie veranderd!

    13.30 Gwen
    13.45 Gideon
    14.00 Tom
    14.15 Trimo
    14.30 Michal

    See you at my studio!